Customer Service Center

  • Change of Banking & Preauthorized Payment Changes

    Your insurance policy premiums can be drafted automatically from your account through pre-authorized payments. You can change the bank from which these payments are being withdrawn by faxing or emailing us a new void check from your new account. Please note the insurance companies require 7-10 business days to make the change to your new account. Please remember if you are changing bank accounts due to a recent move be sure to also email us your change of address request so we can make sure we have the correct information on file.
    Click here to complete change of address email
  • Change to a Beneficiary

    In order to change the beneficiary on your life insurance policy a specific form from the insurance company must be completed. Please contact our office in order to have the correct form forwarded to you. Please note that with any policy that has an Irrevocable Beneficiary you must have the Irrevocable Beneficiary sign this form authorizing the change.
  • Change of Owner

    In order to change the owner of a policy to a new individual or to a corporation, a Change of Owner form must be completed. Please contact our office to request this form. Please note to change the owner of a policy to a corporation, we will need the signed Change of Owner form as well as the following forms:
    • 1) Your certificate of Incorporation
      2) Your articles of Incorporation