L.E.S. Financial is an independent brokerage firm that has provided quality insurance protection to their clients since 1990.

Regarded as one of the leading insurance specialists in Canada, we are dedicated to offering sound insurance plans at the lowest available price, while providing the highest distinction in service to all our clients. The first step is knowing our clients’ immediate needs as well as their plans for the future; based on this understanding we recommend an insurance portfolio that will protect their current and future assets. We tailor our service to each client by helping them fully understand their options so that they can make informed decisions as to what they require. This personalized service is ongoing; we follow our clients closely throughout their careers in order to adapt their plans to meet their ever-changing needs.

  • Disability Insurance

    A disability plan can help protect your lifestyle. Allow your policy to cover monthly financial expenses while you can concentrate on a speedy recovery. 

  • Life Insurance

    Make the choice to protect your family and loved ones. The proper Life Insurance Plan could make all the difference in your family’s financial future.

  • Critical Illness Insurance

    Thanks to the advances in medical technology, surviving a critical illness is much more likely today than ever.  Recovering however from a Critical Illness can lead to additional financial burdens.  Have a Critical Illness plan to relieve that financial pressure!

  • Health Care Professionals

    There are certain disability policies and specific coverage’s that are tailor made for the Health Professional. Each profession is different; make sure you have the right coverage to protect your current and future earnings.