Other Insurance

  • With an aging population there is an overwhelming strain on the health care system.

    Provincial healthcare plans do not cover all of our needs. Often times additional funds are needed to get the necessary care we require. The question is where do these additional funds come from?

    More often than not these funds must be made available by depleting our savings or pulling out retirement income prematurely. Both scenarios can negatively affect our financial future immensely.

    Long Term Care can provide a daily benefit to cover expenses related to the costs of home care assistance and facility care. There are many different options and these plans can be set up to be paid off in 20 years. For further information please contact our office or request a quote.
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  • Making sure you are covered while you are travelling is very important.

    Even the smallest of medical emergencies can be very costly when you are away from home. Make sure you have travel insurance whenever you travel. The more prepared you are, the more you will be able to enjoy your holiday.
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  • In Canada we are very lucky to have a medicare system; however, we all know it only covers the essential medical services.

    A supplemental Health Insurance Plan can help compliment a provincial plan and fill in the gaps where the provincial plan is lacking. If you are not covered by a Group Health Plan getting an individual plan for you and your family can be a very smart decision.
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  • If you own a business or practice that has employees, you can start your own Group Health Insurance Plan.

    The plan can cover you and your family as well as your employees and their families. A Group Health Insurance Plan is a great benefit to offer your staff. A small group package will give you the coverage you need and help you attract and keep good employees.
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