Healthcare Professionals

Medical Students

  • Medical students can obtain their disability coverage during medical school.

    Yes, you can start your disability coverage before you graduate and even before you start earning an income. Your initial coverage amount will depend which year of studies you are currently in. As a medical student you have the option to choose which company and which option best suits your needs. Call our office or “Request a Quote” so we can get in touch with you and let you know all your options.

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Special Medical Student Offer (MSO)

  • When purchasing disability insurance, there are several companies, products, and options to consider. That is why it is important to work closely with your advisor to find the right plan that suits your needs.

    Additionally, there exists a new special offer from RBC Insurance for medical students that are enrolled in a recognized Canadian medical school which makes it easier than ever to get coverage.

    The offer highlights are as follows;
    - A 25% discount off all current and future coverage
    - 12 months of free premiums (1st year is free)
    - A simplified application process with NO MEDICAL evidence and only a few quick and easy qualifying questions
    - Participants in the program have access to other special options and may also be eligible for Critical Illness and Business Protection built-in!

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Medical Residents / Practicing Physicians

  • If you did not obtain your disability coverage during medical school, it’s not too late.

    There are discounted plans available for residents and practicing physicians. After a quick medical questionnaire and medical test you could be well on your way to getting your guaranteed disability policy. Call our office or “Request a Quote” and we will be sure to show you all your options so that you can make an informed decision.

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Dental Students / Dental Residents / Practicing Dentists

  • There are discounted plans available for dental students and dental residents.

    Your disability policy will have a variety of features for you to choose from. Depending on whether you plan to practice in general dentistry or if you plan to specialize, these decisions will help to determine which plan is best for you. Call our office or “Request a Quote” so that we can get in touch with you and let you know about your options.

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